Healing Hands (Help to atrocity victims)

Created at: Nov. 26, 2019, 10:27 p.m.

“Healing Hands” was designed to help caste atrocity victims (mostly Dalits) in India. It happens every day all across India, but only handful of such atrocities get place in the media. We used to scan media reports for such atrocities and solicit donations from interested donors. The raised money is presented to the victims.

This project is also shelved due to lack of donations.

A few cases where we raised money and helped the victims in a small way are:

  • Bant Singh, Punjab who was maimed when asking for justice for daughter raped my caste hindu landlors
  • Little Dalit girl of 6 raped and left behind a temple in UP
  • Chitralekha, Kerala, a Dalit auto-driver who were harassed by caste hindu men
  • Girl raped repeatedly by her teachers in Gujarat

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