Ambedkar Awards

Created at: Oct. 14, 2019, 1:13 a.m.

“Ambedkar Awards” was introduced in the year in 2004 to recognize unsung heroes from Dalit and marginalized communities from all over India. They were sponsored by individuals and organizations and available in the years when someone pledged support for the same. We advertise in social media for nominations. Depending on the number of awards available, candidates will be scrutinized by verifying credentials with other activists in India. The amount of the award varies, but currently set at Rs.50,000 each. Selected candidates will be informed and presented with Rs.50,000 and a memento.

For 2019, we have 4 awards available.

  • Ambedkar Award sponsored by FFEI
  • Periyar Award sponsored by Periyar International
  • Kaila Neelambram and Vazramma Award sponsored by Benjamn P Kaila
  • Jalli Satyanarayana sponsored by Sudhakar Jalli

The following are the awardees in the past.

Past Ambedkar Awards

2019 Awardees

FFEI: 2019 Ambedkar Awards

Each award carries Rs.50,000 and a memento.

1. Ambedkar Award sponsored by Mr Sornam Sankar, US

Ms Pratimakumari Paswan, Bihar, founder of Gaurav Gramin Mahila Vikas Manch (GGMVM) which aims to empower adolescent, youth and women from marginalized communities in the areas of education, health, skill development, livelihood and leadership building.

2. Periyar Award sponsored by Periyar International, US

Mr Chandrasekhar Azad, Delhi, Bhim Army Chief, a Dalit worrior who require no introduction.

3. Late Jalli Satyanarayana Award, sponsored by Jalli Sudhakar, US

Mr Macha Devendar, Telangana, Poet, singer, and full-time activist. Written about 1,000 songs and kirtans on Ambedkar and social issues.

4. Late Kaila Neelambram and Vazramma Award sponsored by Benjamin Paul Kaila, US

Mr Mukurala Srihari, Telangana, Founder-TGPA (Telangana Gurukula Parents Association), Founder-JBYI (Jai Bheem Youth India) and full-time social worker.

Please join me to congratulate them.

There are many selfless, unsung, and promising people working in the field. We cannot recognize everyone. We do our best within our resources. Please don't discourage if you or your favorite person is not recognized. But, we keep a note of all names suggested and will be considered in future. Please keep on bringing such selfless activists to our notice.

Also, we need money to do anything. Dalits are financially wealthy now than anytime before and we except them to come and help us. We will recognize them.

Ofcourse, it is not an invitation just only to Dalit well-to-dos. Anyone can help us financially or otherwise. Any help will be appreciated very much. We all can change India, in our small way.

Our sincere thanks to the donors who believe in FFEI's work for the past 16 years and helping. Without them, there is no FFEI. We also thank those who help us to decide the awardees by providing necessary information.

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