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Ambedkar Awards


Ambedkar Award

Sponsored by: Mr Sornam Sankar, Dr Sundeep Pattem, and Mr Sandeep Chavan (all from USA)



Ms Banwari Devi, Rajasthan

Bhanwari Devi (also spelled Bahveri Devi) is an Indian social-worker from Bhateri, Rajasthan, who was gang raped in 1992 by higher-caste men angered by her efforts to prevent a child marriage in their family. Her subsequent treatment by the police, and court acquittal of the accused, attracted widespread national and international media attention, and became a landmark episode in India's women's rights movement.



Periyar Award

Sponsored by:Periyar International, USA



Ms Shital Sathe, Kabir Kala Munch, Maharashtra

Sheetal Sathe is a folk singer, poet, and Dalit rights activist from Pune, Maharashtra, who rose to prominence within as one of the lead singers of Kabir Kala Manch in the mid-2000s.



Kaila Neelambram and Vazramma Award

Sponsored by:Benjamin P Kaila, USA




Jointly shared by

  • Dr Kathi Padma Rao ( is a Dalit poet, scholar and activist from Andhra Pradesh, India. He is the founding general secretary of Dalit Mahasabha, a people's organisation that spearheaded the Dalit movement in Andhra Pradesh in the aftermath of the 1985 Karamchedu massacre in the coastal region of that state. A scholar in both Telugu and Sanskrit, he has published several volumes of poetry, and books on sociology, religion, philosophy, history, and women's studies. )


  • Mr Bojja Tarakam (was a well-known poet, writer, social and political activist and a senior human rights advocate in India. Tharakam was a committed lawyer in the Andhra Pradesh State High Court, fighting against the problems that Dalits have had to confront.)



Ambedkar Scholarships

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Intitutional Help

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